Statement of Work

We bring quality, efficiency and transparency to every Statement of Work programme. Led by Statement of Work experts, we manage the end-to-end process of each programme with complete care and control, so you can be confident of timely and effective delivery.

What are the benefits to Evolution Solutions?


Fixed costs and set milestones mean results that meet expectations.

Standalone Service

Free up time to refocus on your business, knowing your work items are in safe hands.

Reduced Risk

We manage requirements end-to-end, so risk is mitigated while the pressure to deliver is lifted from you.


We stick to our promises, which means setting realistic timeframes that deliver you the best results in the shortest timeframe. No need to put your business strategy on hold.


Performance management, regular reporting, and clear requirements mean consistent, compliant results. Of our SOW solutions, we have hit 100% of deliverables on time and in budget.


As well as having the technical expertise to find your tech resources directly, we also have a dedicated Director of Programmes with expertise in managing SOW projects.

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