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Evolution Solutions (SOW)

Through Evolution Solutions, we bring quality, efficiency and transparency to every Statement of Work programme. Led by Statement of Work experts, we manage the end-to-end process of each programme with complete care and control, so you can be confident of timely and effective delivery.

What is Evolution Solutions?

Evolution Solutions model is outcome-based contracts. We provide experts to deliver services against a defined set of outputs, milestones, or deliverables. If need be, we can manage the full SOW lifecycle, including scoping requirements, service delivery, administration and management of processes, offices and workers, and measurement. We also undertake projects of varying scales and durations and can deliver onsite at client premises or from our own locations.

Why is statement of work important?

Evolution Solutions offers an alternative to conventional recruitment models. Instead of supplying resources on an hourly basis, SOW provides fixed costs for achieving set milestones or deliverables. SOW is important because it offers an alternative for businesses whose requirements mean they may not get the same value in terms of cost and efficiency from traditional talent models

Is Evolution Solutions right for me?

If you need to deliver a project within set timeframes and in set cost parameters, then Statement of Work might be right for you. These projects will sit outside or alongside your business-as-usual and include mobilising a team of experts to deliver.

What are the benefits to Evolution Solutions?


Fixed costs and set milestones mean results that meet expectations.

Reduced Risk

We manage requirements end-to-end, so risk is mitigated while the pressure to deliver is lifted from you.


Performance management, regular reporting, and clear requirements mean consistent, compliant results. Of our SoW solutions, we have hit 100% of deliverables on time and in budget.

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Free up time to refocus on your business, knowing your work items are in safe hands.

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We stick to our promises, which means setting realistic timeframes that deliver you the best results in the shortest timeframe. No need to put your business strategy on hold.

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As well as having the technical expertise to find your tech resources directly, we also have a dedicated Director of Programmes with expertise in managing SoW projects.

Proven Capability (Case Study)

A National Health Trust wanted to implement Evolution Solutions. The Trust needed a team to look at the blue box technology, ascertain what would be involved in terms of training, report on results, collect and collate data, and deal with change. Although the Trust has a dedicated IT team and clinicians, they didn’t have anyone in place who could bridge the gap and bring the two together for this project. Evolution Solutions partnered with AI Digital, experienced solution providers in the NHS and healthcare. We worked with them to develop a proposal to deliver the project from start to finish. Delivery is broken down into four stages for effective and cost-efficient implementation. Discover, design, deliver and drive.... Click -->
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