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Using our unique, content-led approach to the candidate market, we can find you a highly-skilled specialist who will be active and engaged with your vision.


On-Demand service elevates our commitment to being your strategic contract recruitment partner in achieving your organisation’s goals. This approach ensures that you only pay for the resources, expertise, and time spent on your specific project requirements.


With Outcomes, a key differentiator is our milestone-based agreement, which aligns our support and services with your project requirements and provides a payment model which can only be executed upon successful completion of pre-agreed checkpoints throughout the project.

What Our Clients Say

To ensure we have the best possible talent solutions for our clients, we operate a number of different service levels.
Evolution has solved complex staffing solutions; from being able to find payroll solutions in countries that we did not have a presence in yet, to ensuring 100% compliance and sourcing exceptional talent
Emma Asserlind, Business Operations Manager - Klarna
I have been working with Evolution for the past year and they’re a delight. They have been very precise on finding consultants that are a perfect match for us. They have also helped with our employer branding.
Mats Johansson, Head of Engineering - IKEA
Evolution helped me a lot on finding the right consultant for my team. As I didn’t have very detailed requirements on the position, Evolution helped me work it out. It was a very smooth and fast process.
Leonardo Santos, Data Engineering Manager - Volvo Cars

Our Approach:
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Our content-led approach to inspiring the tech community and finding the best talent.

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