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Introducing ‘Search’, our specialised recruitment service designed for businesses needing targeted, high-level hiring. Ideal for roles from senior positions to multiple hires, Search excels in sourcing top talent in tech sectors across the UK and Europe. This service is crafted to make your hiring process more efficient and effective.

Search offers:

Specialised Focus:
Dedicated recruitment services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring thorough attention to finding the right candidates.

Flexible Payments: Custom payment plans based on your unique recruitment requirements, allowing for better budget management and clarity.

Strategic Partnership: We work closely with you, aligning our services with your goals for more impactful recruitment outcomes.

Enhanced Recruitment Features: Our advanced features can be incorporated at any service stage, elevating your recruitment strategy to new heights.



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For businesses who need a adhoc recruitment + Access to some features

For businesses who need a dedicated partner who can manage your recruitment project end-to-end + Access to our advanced features

For businesses who need a dedicated contract recruitment partner for continuous support + Access to our features

For businesses who need a recruitment service capable of delivering entire talent scope delivered in a single project on a milestone based agreement.

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