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Introducing Search, a pioneering service for businesses that require a highly specialized solution for recruitment. Whether you’re targeting a senior individual or multiple hires, Search offers unparalleled support in identifying top-tier talent in Development, Data, Design, Product, Cloud, Consulting, and CxO tech talent across the UK and Europe. Our enhanced features are purposefully designed to refine and revolutionize your hiring process.

Search symbolizes our enduring commitment to being your strategic collaborator, facilitating the accomplishment of your organizational objectives. We provide Retained Recruitment Consultant/Team services, ensuring a dedicated focus on your recruitment needs. Our flexible payment structures are designed around the unique resources, expertise, and time that your recruitment mandates require. This approach enhances budget control, improves transparency, and strengthens the collaborative relationship between your organization and our team.

Our upgraded features can be integrated at any stage of the service engagement. Through Search, we bring forward an innovative approach that significantly uplifts the standard of your recruitment strategy.



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For businesses who need a adhoc recruitment + Access to some features

For businesses who need a dedicated partner who can manage your recruitment project end-to-end + Access to our advanced features

For businesses who need a dedicated contract recruitment partner for continuous support + Access to our features

For businesses who need a recruitment service capable of delivering entire talent scope delivered in a single project on a milestone based agreement.

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