Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem​

The client requires a high volume of new staff yearly in roles such as network engineers, infrastructure architects and project managers – the majority of which need DV clearance (which can take upwards of 9 months to receive if the candidate does not already have it). In addition to this, Fujitsu have set ambitious diversity targets for hiring. However, in 2016 Fujitsu had a poor reputation in the hiring market due to lack of feedback and a disjointed interview process.

The Work

Fujitsu required a full change of their actual hiring process in order to meet their needs. Evolution’s work with Fujitsu began in 2016, and since then work has been done to improve the hiring process on a continual basis. Every six months, Evolution undertake a supplier review with Fujitsu using a traffic light system. This highlights what is being done well and what needs to be improved – ensuring that incremental change occurs each time. These changes include improving CV feedback time, reducing the number of interview stages and coaching hiring managers to sell Fujitsu at interview with the end goal of improving the candidate experience and Fujitsu’s reputation in the market. This is paired with market feedback and progress reports which ensure that hiring is proactive.

For recruiting in volume, Evolution advised open days at Fujitsu which were used to recruit multiple roles in a time efficient manner. This increased the volume of hires, reduced the time to hire and saved Fujitsu time and money.

The Outcome

By developing a far more efficient hiring process with a focus on selling Fujitsu at interview, hiring has become more stream-lined and effective. The time to hire has reduced, diversity targets are being met and – through the use of regular supplier reviews – hiring keeps up with trends in the market. This has been achieved through the relationship with Fujitsu being a true partnership rather than a transactional supplier association. Placements over the years since we began working with Fujitsu have increased, reflecting the success of the new processes.
Jack has been paramount in the successful delivery of a high number of niche / highly security cleared candidates into Fujitsu Defence but also acts as an advisor to us on the market conditions and trends which is paramount for us as an organisation to stay ahead of the curve. Jack is quick to identify problems he can see in job descriptions and briefing calls and offer a solution.

Matt Cartwright – Talent Growth Manager at Fujitsu

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