Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem​

Clinisys Group, a trusted partner of the NHS and private healthcare organisations across the UK and Europe, routinely provide reliable, intuitive diagnostics solutions that allow healthcare providers to spend more time focusing on patient care. Over the past 4 years Clinisys have hired ever increasing numbers of information technology and biomedical science professionals. Clinisys required a recruitment partner who could help them achieve their ambitious growth plans to establish themselves as the market leader LIMS healthcare provider.

We have worked with Clinisys on many different project campaigns, including a full leadership change in structure when the business was acquired.

The Work

At the beginning of the project, we looked at the business goal to ensure that our recruitment efforts are focused on achieving that goal. Following this, a face-to-face meeting with the key leaders who were driving the change was organized. In the case of the leadership change, the majority of communication was with the chairman, because we were bringing in critical roles such as CEO, product development leadership, sales leadership and a HR function. After a discussion with stakeholders where the brief is clarified, we talked across the organisation to learn more about the issue and how it could be solved. The next step in the process was to look at the value proposition for what will be offered for each role, whilst also assessing if the roles could be achieved within the parameters and highlighting any areas where there are changes.

From here, we aligned the goals to the recruitment process and proposed a plan, course of action and reporting structure which were agreed with the stakeholder.

The Outcome

The most important part is that our relationship with Clinisys is a partnership. We are provide updates regularly, maintain services and have a dedicated team to support their recruitment efforts. We use the data collected to look forward to the future too, to make sure that recruitment continues to improve, rather than just maintaining a status quo.

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