Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem​

BT engaged the services of Evolution to recruit high level executives, including a Chief Product Officer and Chief Data Architect, as well as ongoing recruitment in infrastructure, architecture and DV cleared security roles.

The Work

Our process for recruiting at executive level was two-pronged. As well as a traditional head-hunt which involved a long list, short list and then engagement, we created an innovative way of attracting talent. We highlighted an upcoming data event for businesses at Cognex in London, which BT then went on to sponsor and become a speaker at. We then set up a dinner exclusively for guests of BT afterwards. Although not pitched as a recruitment event, BT representatives were strategically placed on each table to network and sell opportunities within BT. The new Chief Product Officer and Chief Data Architect were found at this event, due to the much higher level engagement we were able to secure for BT.

For ongoing recruitment, we have vertical specialists within the team to handle each particular area. We have been able to drastically improve BT’s speed to market through improvement of the interview process and education about how to effectively sell opportunities to candidates. Through a biannual review, we look at areas of the hiring process that need improvement through internal data and candidate feedback, and ensure that we are continually improving the process.

The Outcome

As well as being able to successfully place the Chief Product Officer and Chief Data Architect following our event, the networking continues to be valuable for BT and future positions will also be filled with contacts from that event. Our ongoing work on BT’s hiring processes has drastically reduced the time to hire. The interview process is now one stage, and 50% of the interview is spent positioning BT as an employee of choice.
Evolution have delivered at short notice on some of my most recent demanding tech projects. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve Corley; he has introduced some top talent and continues to help us on our journey of finding and attracting great people for BT.

Jon Ridout, Head of Executive Search at BT

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