Additional services that can be added to either of the previous service options. Includes marketing & advertisement through our Podcast and Linkedin Live platforms or payroll and compliance services to ensure timely payment and legal compliance when hiring from different countries.

Promote via Podcast

We speak to amazing companies and tech leaders everyday. They all have great stories, but sometimes they dont have the platform to share it. Now you can use the Evolution Exchange Podcast to share your story with over 1000 freelancers in the Nordic region.

Payroll with Evo Compliance

As a tech leader, you need to focus on building great products with amazing teams, not payroll and compliance. The Evolution Compliance team can handle payroll and compliance services for your growing team.

Value-add Services Examples

Changing Company Perceptions with Video Content

Shape saw the opportunity to use the resources available to them through the Evolution Exchange to create a video series highlighting the value Shape brings as an employer.

Talking directly to our audience of engaged tech freelancers, Shape were able to send a positive message and position Shape as an employer of choice to thousands of tech Freelancers.

Using Evolution Compliance Team to Maintain Global teams

Global fintech giant, Klarna have been growing substantially over the past few years. To maintain this growth, they needed a recruitment partner who could quickly and efficiently assess governmental and employment law in countries they hadn’t previously had a presence in so as to maintain global teams, be it through appointed deals or company acquisitions.

Our compliance and Finance teams are able to manage payroll and onboarding for your freelancers – saving you time and resources to focus back onto building great teams.


Why use our value-adds?

With a saturated market, and less qualified tech freelancers available, it’s now more important than ever that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. But, rather than build your own platform, or develop your own compliance and onboarding team, work with us and get it all as standard.


Pre-engage the tech freelancer community so that your job outreach is more effective at converting candidates into hires.


Prepare candidates better for their interviews with a more personal and in-depth understanding of your business.


Free employer branding for your company and your tech team to inspire future candidates to engage with your business.

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