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Case Study
22 January 2023
Chris Bennett
8 min read

Our Work with Paradox

Evolution partnered with Paradox Interactive, a renowned video game publisher and developer specializing in strategy games, to provide specialized recruitment services in sourcing tech freelancers. Paradox Interactive sought skilled professionals to support their ambitious game development projects and maintain their reputation for immersive and engaging gameplay experiences. Leveraging Evolution’s network and expertise, a tailored approach was implemented to identify top-tier freelancers with expertise in game development, programming, game design, and related fields. Evolution successfully placed tech freelancers who seamlessly integrated into Paradox Interactive’s teams, bringing their creative talents and technical skills to the game development process. The partnership extended beyond talent acquisition, fostering close collaboration and effective project coordination. Evolution’s role in attracting and retaining top-tier tech talent empowered Paradox Interactive to create exceptional strategy games, captivate players worldwide, and achieve commercial success. This case study highlights the challenges faced, recruitment strategies employed, and the overall benefits gained through the Evolution-Paradox Interactive partnership, solidifying Evolution’s position as a trusted recruitment agency in the gaming and technology sectors.

The Team

Melanie Lindsey

Game Management Recruitment Specialist