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Retained Search – Talent Guaranteed


Talent Guaranteed is Evolution’s retained search service tailored for clients with specific talent requirements. Searching for IT talent in Singapore’s candidate-short market comes with a unique set of challenges. Tapping on the wealth of expertise of our IT recruitment consultants and insights from years of in-house research, we developed Talent Guaranteed, specially designed to be the answer to your hard-to-fill positions.

Talent Guaranteed helps you find best-matched talent even in a candidate-short market.

It comprises a rigorous executive search process where you get regular updates on our progress and the market. With Talent Guaranteed, we help you take the pulse of the IT recruitment market so you can leverage on the market insights to make current, informed hiring decisions.

Talent Guaranteed helps you hire the best IT talent. If we are not able to deliver, the retained search fees will be refunded.

Contingent Search VS Retained Search

At Evolution, we offer both Contingent Search and Retained Search services. Each search type is specifically tailored to certain assignment criteria to deliver the best results for our clients.


Contingency Search


Retained Search – Talent Guaranteed


Ideal for roles with abundant
candidate availability

Ideal for hard-to-fill roles
requiring niche skill

Suited to junior or mid-level

Suited to senior level positions

No up-front fees

Refundable fee deposit required

Talent Guaranteed Retained Search Process

Step 1: Initial Client Meeting


We will meet you and your hiring team to define and agree on the parameters of the search and process. This meeting enables us to gain insights into your organisation and organisational culture. With this information, we can identify talent with more than just the right skills and experience, but also the right cultural fit.

Step 2: Our Executive Search Strategy


We will draw up a plan to identify talent systematically and professionally. This is a fully transparent process where you will receive weekly updates on our search progress. We will help you take the pulse of the IT recruitment market so you can leverage on the market insights to make current, informed decisions. By the end of this step, we will have a longlist of qualified candidates.

Step 3: Screening and Shortlisting Candidates


We will conduct the initial interviews and assess the candidates against preset criteria. You will receive detailed records of how the interviews went. This step yields a shortlist of 3-5 candidates from which the best talent could be chosen.

Step 4: Interview and post-interview


In this step, we will coordinate and facilitate the interview process, as well as offer management. After a candidate has been chosen and he/she has accepted the offer, we will continue to support the onboarding process, ensuring that it is smooth and hassle-free for your team and the candidate.

Why Evolution?

Great recruitment experience

We develop close and effective working partnerships with clients to ensure we understand their strategic challenges and search requirements.


Deep market insights in IT recruitment

Attracting and retaining IT talent begin with knowing what appeals to them. Conducting research studies and gathering market intelligence are essential parts of our search approach.


Ambitious, Innovative and Collaborative

Our values guide our approach to recruiting the best-matched talent for our clients and securing the best opportunities for our candidates.

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