Evo Nordics #398 – Manager of Managers

Meet the speakers

David Bozjak

Director of Software Engineering At Oresundsbron

Nils Hojer

Product Manager - Digital Channels At Trafikforvaltningen, Region Stockholm

Oskar Orbom

Senior Engineering Manager At Meltwater

Mattias Altin

Senior Director of Engineering At Volvo Cars

Today's host

Chris Asbridge

Join Chris Asbridge in an insightful episode of Evo Nordics as he delves into the role of a manager of managers. Chris is joined by a panel of esteemed guests, including David Bozjak, Director of Software Engineering at Oresundsbron, Oskar Orbom, Senior Engineering Manager at Meltwater, and Mattias Altin, Senior Director of Engineering at Volvo Cars. Together, they discuss the unique challenges, responsibilities, and strategies involved in managing teams of managers. Gain valuable insights into effective leadership, team coordination, and organizational success in this engaging conversation with experienced professionals in managerial roles.

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