Evo Gaming #163 – Diversity and Inclusion in the Gaming Industry

Meet the speakers

Mahitha Payardha

Director of Engineering At King

Tulay McNally Global

Director of Inclusive Design & Product Development

Sandra Ferroni

Release Manager At Fast Travel Games

Today's host

Heather Nicholls

Join host Heather Nicholls in this episode of Evo Gaming as she explores the vital topic of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. Heather is joined by a distinguished panel of guests, including Mahitha Payardha, Director of Engineering at King, Tulay McNally, Global Director of Inclusive Design & Product Development, and Sandra Ferroni, Release Manager at Fast Travel Games. Together, they discuss the importance of diversity, inclusive design practices, and share their experiences in driving positive change within their respective organizations. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with industry experts.

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