Evo Gaming #153 – Creating a Healthy Culture in a Gaming Studio

Meet the speakers

Josefine Blomen

Head of People & Culture At SOLIDICON

Anastasia Blokhina

Senior Associate Producer At Ubisoft RedLynx

Sheldon Laframboise

Senior Design Director At ROVIO

Antonin Chapelon

Studio Director At Voodoo

Today's host

Harry Phokou

In the latest episode of Evo Gaming, host Harry Phokou explores the significance of fostering a healthy culture within gaming studios. Joining him are industry experts who share their insights and experiences. Josefine Blomen, Head of People & Culture at SOLIDICON, Anastasia Blokhina, Senior Associate Producer at Ubisoft RedLynx, Sheldon Laframboise, Senior Design Director at ROVIO, and Antonin Chapelon, Studio Director at Voodoo, discuss the strategies, challenges, and benefits of creating an environment that promotes well-being and productivity. Tune in to gain valuable advice from these esteemed guests and learn how to cultivate a thriving gaming studio culture.

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