Evo DK #151 – Design Perspective – Value Of Creative Humans In Ai Growth

Meet the speakers

Dan Thomas-Bøgsted

Director, Head of Customer Experience & Applications At 3shape

Johannes Kristjansson

Product Manager

Caleb Wilson

Director of Product Design At Templafy

Lena Friberg

Creative Brand Strategist

Today's host

Sean Thompson

In this episode of Evo DK, host Sean Thompson explores the intersection of design perspective and the value of creative humans in AI growth. Joining us are Dan Thomas-Bøgsted, Director and Head of Customer Experience & Applications at 3shape, Caleb Wilson, Director of Product Design at Templafy, and Lena Friberg, Creative Brand Strategist. Gain insights into the evolving role of design in the age of AI and how companies like 3shape, Templafy, and Coloplast are leveraging human creativity for innovation.

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