Evo DK #150 – User Research – Navigating The Discovery Process And Trusting The Unknown

Meet the speakers

Jeppe Stig Hansen

Discovery Design Lead At Jabra

Mikkel Lindoe

Head of UX

Jimmy Ege Pedersen

Director of User Research and Product Research At Pleo

Today's host

Sean Thompson

Join host Sean Thompson in a deep dive into user research and navigating the discovery process on Evo DK. Today, we’re joined by Jeppe Stig Hansen, Discovery Design Lead at Jabra, Mikkel Lindoe, Head of UX, and Jimmy Ege Pedersen, Director of User Research and Product Research at Pleo. Gain invaluable insights into UX design methodologies and the importance of trusting the unknown in product development. Explore real-world examples from industry leaders at Jabra and Pleo.

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