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Talent Consultant

Stoyan Licina

Stoyan is a Talent Consultant at Evolution Singapore. His passion for helping people and guiding them to success led him to the recruitment industry. For Stoyan, there is no better feeling in the world than changing people’s lives for the better. Outside of work, he likes to go hiking and play water polo.

Testimonials for Stoyan:

“Stoyan and his team were great in assisting me and filling me in with the hiring process all the way. He even made the extra effort to understand what I was looking for in an opportunity and ensured that it matches what the client was looking for in an employee.”  (Jerome, April 2019)

“My experience of working with Stoyan was excellent. He had initially approached me for the role of ‘Lead – Front End Services’ with his client. Upon understanding my profile and expectations, he suggested that I apply for ‘Lead – Back End Services’ with the same client. Throughout the process, he guided me well, helped me prepare for interviews, kept me informed about the feedback, the background of the company and why the company created the position. The best part, and I’ll remain extremely thankful to him for this, he pitched my profile very well to the client and got me the best deal in terms of remuneration. He took pains to understand my previous remuneration in Singapore/Brazil and got me very close to my previous best compensation in Brazil. I highly recommend his services!” (January, 2019)