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Talent Light

Growing and expanding a company is exciting, but the process of hiring talented people to take the company to the next level can be daunting. For SMEs and start-ups, the need to hire fast and hire right is crucial because:

– your company’s growth depends on it.

– every new addition to your team can change your company’s DNA.

– small businesses require hires with a unique set of qualities.

At Evolution, we know that identifying the right talent for small businesses requires a different approach. That is why we introduced Talent Light, designed to address your hiring needs at a fraction of the investment required for a full-fledged recruitment service. 

Talent Light enables you to:

– Build a talent pipeline

– Conduct talent mapping

– Fill multiple positions quickly

– Avoid high costs of a full-fledged contingency search service

With Talent Light, you have an award-winning IT recruitment specialist partnering you in talent sourcing, shortlisting of candidates and employment compliance.

Talent Sourcing

You will:

– Be assigned a dedicated Account Manager

– Gain access to Evolution database of 7 million candidates worldwide

– Gain support in creating your Employer Value Proposition

– Gain support in social recruiting, headhunting and networking, job advertisements

– Gain support in creating a talent pipeline and talent mapping

– Gain insights via our market intelligence reports

Shortlisting of candidates*

You will receive support in these areas:

– Video interviewing

– Technical testing

– Reference checks

– Identifying suitable locations to conduct interviews


*Optional add-on

Employment compliance*

You will receive support in these areas:

– Employment laws

– MOM regulations

– Using Jobs Bank


*Optional add-on