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Research and Insights

Recruitment Trend Report: What IT Professionals Really Want

Attracting and retaining IT talent begin with knowing what appeals to them. We surveyed more than 400 IT professionals based in Singapore to shed light on What IT Professionals Really Want.


This report identifies the top factors influencing their decision to switch jobs and their views on working at a startup. This is the first study of its kind in Singapore and is designed to help employers and HR professionals formulate hiring and retention strategies that yield better results.

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[Free eBook] Tech Recruitment in Singapore: The Year Ahead 2018

Globally, businesses are becoming more data- and technology-driven. It is not just the tech companies, but also traditional companies looking to move their services online in a bid to stay competitive and meet the customers’ evolving demands.


All these have led to a surge in demand for tech talents. With companies competing for the same skill set, the demand for talents is high and this has been driving salaries for this group of professionals higher and higher over the years.


However, it is not just about the money. Top tech professionals look at other factors too when they are considering a move. This means that start-ups that find it hard to offer higher salaries than the big players still have a chance to stand out in the market.


In this ebook, you get a comprehensive look at

  • Emerging trends that will impact tech recruitment in Singapore in 2018
  • Developments, within government and private sectors, that will have an influence on tech recruitment
  • Ways to enable both established and young companies to stay ahead of the talent game

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[Research Report] Improving the Interview Experience

The job interview is a major part of the candidate experience. By providing a great interview experience, you stand a better chance at creating a positive impression of your company for your candidate.


At Evolution, we regularly conduct post-interview surveys to gain insights into how candidates feel about the interview and candidate experiences. From our analysis of responses from 500 candidates, we gained insights that would help employers create great interview and candidate experiences. Download the report to find out more.

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