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Contract Recruitment


Temporary workers are a growing part of businesses worldwide. Accenture boldly predicted in the Technology Vision Report 2017 that in 10 years, a Fortune 2000 company will have no employees outside the C-suite. Similarly, Gartner forecasted that 40% of field service works will be done by contractors in 2020. Some have even termed this phenomenon “workforce-as-a-service”.

With many advantages associated with an agile workforce, it is no wonder businesses are adopting this new mode of employment.

Making Your Workforce More Agile with Contracting

Gain cost savings in terms of training, recruitment, benefits and associated administrative tasks 

Keep staffing levels optimal and have the flexibility to respond to business and project changes

Gain new experience and expertise to take your business forward

Get assurance of contractor’s capabilities through Evolution screening process

Pre-screening of contractors



Evolution conducts pre-screening so you only hear of the best-fit contractors from us. You may request for the following documents as proof of the contractor’s capabilities:

– Summary of our interview

– International Knowledge Measurement (IKM) technical test results

– Previous employer’s validation

– Contractor’s CV