Pomelo Pay

Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem

London based Cloud Payments Solution Pomelo Pay were looking to expand their business. Targeting Asia Pacific as an area of growing affluence, they decided to relocate their CEO and CTO to Singapore where they engaged Evolution for talent sourcing services. Deciding to work with Evolution on a Retained Basis, we have helped Pomelo expand and strengthen t heir Software Engineering and Commercial teams for past 15 months.

The Work

Evolution Recruitment Solutions have an agreement in place to work exclusively with Pomelo meaning we’re always on-hand to provide talent sourcing support to whatever vertical they need. When they secured additional series A funding, the scale of hiring increased dramatically – our approach meant we were able to scale with Pomelo and provide the services they needed. Our approach would involve identifying other Payment companies who had already established talent but were going through retrenchment as a result of loss of funding and COVID-19. Approaching this highly specialised talent with the unique offering Pomelo provides, we’ve been able to provide agile recruitment services. For more specialised roles, we’ve been able to work with the CEO of Pomelo to understand the vision of Pomelo to create content that would help us engage passive candidates.

The Outcome

Our exclusive agreement with Pomelo continues to lead to continued Growth for the payment company. Within just 18 months we’ve been able to help find 12 new members of the team including their Head of Engineering and a Venture Architect for the Commercial Team. The future looks bright for Pomelo who are looking to develop their decentralised payment and crypto options.

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