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  • March 31, 2021
  • Admins

Women in Technology: Discussing Diversity in Tech Session 2


How and why to hire for true equality and real diversity (not just gender – but age, nationality, religion, physical abilities/limitations, background, sexual preference, invisible disabilities, etc.). What are the challenges to doing this? Why is it important or valuable? When it may not make sense? How can we be better at doing this?

Join our second session on diversity in the tech industry. Following on from our previous discussion, we’re joined by leading tech talent from Telia, Trustly, ICA Gruppen and IF Insurance.


Anna Baecklund – Head of Data Science – ICA Grupen
Patience Allen – Manager, Entitys and Privacy – Telia
Linda Dahlman – Product Owner – Trustly
Tugce Ozdeger – Senior Engineer – If Insurance

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