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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

What IT Professionals REALLY Want


This year, Evolution surveyed over 1,000 IT professionals to find out what they value the most when they’re on the hunt for a new job. We expected that most people would choose their salary as the most important aspect of any role; but that’s where we were wrong…

Interestingly, there were a number of factors that were not only surprising to the IT recruitment specialists at Evolution, but also to our clients. If you are either currently hiring IT staff for your business, or you are planning on doing so in the near future, some of the results from our survey may be worth keeping in mind when preparing a job offer.

Our survey results, What IT Professionals Want, found the following:

75% of respondents said salary was NOT the main reason they would accept a job.

73% of people had applied for a job within the last month.

84% of people had applied for a job in the last 6 months.

The survey results found numerous factors in regards to salary, benefits, gender, seniority, location and age. You can now view the results and download our report for more information; just click on the buttons below.

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