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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Webinar: Discover Goal Mapping with Brain Mayne


Goal Mapping with Bryan Mayne:

3.00 The 25 years of Goal mapping and the impact

6.00 First example of goal mapping

6.50 The importance of words and imagery for the conscious and subconscious mind 

7.50 Brian’s business journey, being a millionaire to losing it all 

13:00 His personal introduction to a self-development workshop

14.00 The power of positive thinking

15.00 The science of positive thinking

18.00 Setting goals around those new ideas that stem from positive thinking

20.00 The impact of negative impulse and the science

23.00 Goal settings ability to hold onto positive impulse 

26.00 The breakthrough in 1994 and Goal Mapping was born


27:00 Seven steps of goal mapping

30:00 The DAC Factor 

32:00 The Bicycle of Ability

35:00 Create your own Goal Map


  1. What are the different ways that you have seen goal mapping used? 

  2. Have you seen creative ways people have used goal mapping during C-19 lockdown?


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