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  • February 25, 2021
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The Hottest IT jobs in Australia Right Now


By: Fengting Lee

With an annual salary increment rate of over 2.7% for freshers, IT jobs have been the hottest jobs in the market in the past few years. Be it cyber security specialists, software developers or business intelligence professionals, these jobs have paved the way for the IT industry of Australia, particularly in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.


If you’re looking to expand your career in IT and technology, you’ve come to the right place. With a plethora of options that the industry offers, we have zoomed into the top most in-demand IT jobs in this country.


Cyber Security Specialist

The advancement of technology has brought about many benefits, but it has unfortunately also paved the way for an increase in cybersecurity attacks. It is no wonder many organisations are keen to hire cyber security experts, particularly organisations dealing with confidential customer data, such as ecommerce companies, banks, fintech start-ups and healthcare institutions. With a starting salary of over $120,000 and an annual salary increment of over 6.5%, cyber security specialist jobs are definitely one of the hottest IT jobs in Australia.


Developer (Full Stack / Front End / Backend)

If you know how to code, you are in for another great opportunity in the IT job industry. Customer-centric technology, primarily those involving HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python, along with analytical and leadership skills are a need for every digitally focused organisation. In Sydney and Melbourne, high-performing developers with the right skills can command attractive salary packages of $70,000 to $161,000, with the annual salary increment rate of approximately 5%.


Business Intelligence Analyst

If there is one thing that holds a presumably good future apart from programming, it has to be big data. Business Intelligence analyst jobs typically involve analysing large, complex datasets, systematically extracting information and drawing insights and stories from the data. As companies become more data-focused and seek to make sense of large amount of data they have accumulated over years, they are willing to pay top dollars for outstanding candidates in the field of business intelligence.


With a starting salary of $90,000 and an annual salary increment of 4%, it is not surprising that Business Intelligence Analyst jobs are one of the top IT jobs in Australia at the moment and it is something you should definitely keep an eye on.


Business Intelligence Manager

The main job of a Business Intelligence Manager is to use the insights gleaned from data analytics to plan enterprise level, strategic business intelligence solutions that add value to the company’s bottom line. The average starting salary for a Business Intelligence Manager is approximately $121,000, with an annual salary increment of approximately 3.6%.


Database Administrator

With more importance placed on big data and data analytics, maintaining the database that house the data is a skill that is prized by many digitally-focused companies. A database administrator is responsible for managing the database and keeping it secure. With a starting package of $85,000 which goes up to $133,000 for experienced professionals, database administrators is one of the most highly demanded IT jobs in the country.


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