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  • May 21, 2021
  • Andy

The Emergence of React


React is no longer the new kid on the block, but it is continuing to emerge as one of the key players in the application field. Naturally, this is partly due to the increase in popularity of apps, with 218 billion app downloads in 2020, though it is also down to the many benefits of React itself. 

What is React, who is using it and what are the benefits for an organisation that is serious about user interface and experience?  

What is React? 

React is a superb JavaScript framework which can be used for building frontend logic of web applications. It ensures that the process of creating sleek and beautiful user interfaces is straightforward – with excellent results.  

React applications are made from components, which are self-contained modules, and these make code reusable and mean that the applications have an organised structure. 

The React.js library was designed by Facebook and released in March 2015, and has gained immense popularity over a wide range of projects. 

Why is It So Useful? 

The reason why React is favoured by so many is that it enables complex developments to be broken down into individual components (which can then be reused where required). The ability to focus on one user interface challenge at a time means that projects can be completed more intuitively. 

It also allows creativity, because developers can write their code within JavaScript and see their work in real time. 

How React can Help Businesses 

Many heavyweight companies are using React for their applications, including Uber Eats, AirBnB, Netflix, Skype and – of course – Facebook and Instagram. As well as having creative and beautiful apps, these companies all have straightforward and intuitive user interfaces, and the ability to find and fix bugs with ease. 

Why are these businesses utilising React? The benefits are many; it is fast, high performance, robust and reliable. It is easy to use alongside third-party services. With React, many of the complex and time-consuming elements of developing a user interface with, for example, Java or Swift are taken away and the process is far more intuitive. 

Not only this, but developers tend to prefer it. In fact, 92% of developers would use the React framework again.  

React Developers 

For those considering utilising React, there is good news. Over the last year, the talent pool of those skilled in React grew by 56%, showing its continued and increasing popularity.  

However, the hiring demand is very high, and with good reason. Large companies such as Microsoft and Accenture have heavily invested in React talent over the last year, with Amazon increasing their pool by 39%. The message is clear – businesses who are serious about the sustained development of their web applications are using React. 

React for the Future 

Since being released in 2015, React has grown steadily in popularity before the exponential escalation over recent years. The demand for React developers is evident and this is only likely to grow as more and more companies consider its ability to boost their application offerings.  

React is universal – suitable for use by small businesses just starting with web applications and by giants looking for a more intuitive way of delivering apps. 

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