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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Review: JavaScript North West Meetup, November 2017


Following the success of the last few months’ JavaScript meetups, last week we held November’s event, “ReactJS: Bespoke application development”, at Evolution’s office in Warrington. Featuring a talk from Garry Taylor, the Head of Group IT at Fluent Money, the meetup gave a fantastic insight into stack development and how it can increase or decrease the complexity of any large-scale application.  

During his talk, Garry discussed the multi-million-pound applications used by some of the largest companies in the UK, and covered the reasoning behind choosing ReactJS, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of utilising the long list of libraries offered with this technology.

In my opinion, the best bit about Garry's talk was that the content had been carefully planned to cover all levels of knowledge, from junior developers through to senior. After reviewing the meetup feedback, it appears that everybody was able to take something useful from the talk, which is brilliant!

Our JavaScript meetups are proving to be extremely useful, not only for developers, but also for people like myself looking to increase my technical ability and knowledge. Furthermore, the meetups are a great opportunity to become more integrated with the development community, and, as always, a place for likeminded frontend enthusiasts to meet and network. (Not to mention the added bonus of pizza and beer!)

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