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  • May 8, 2020
  • Gareth Morris

Programme Managers Discuss Sponsor Engagement and Project Prioritisation


The Speakers and questions:

Mark Spriggs Programme Manager Genomics North West v – "How do you manage your Programmes upwards, ensuring proper sponsor engagement, ensuring proper definition of scope and reducing creep?"


Selina Nelson Digital Project Manager @ Christie – ‘Within the current pandemic, how are your organisations driving project prioritisation and business transformation by cultural change?


Touqie Ahmed Programme manager @ Epson & St Helier – ‘As part of our new hospital build we are needing to factor in capital requirements of Other Providers and it is proving to be a real challenge to get them engaged in to our process.


Keery Maddison Portfolio Manager – Transition the Agency (TtA) ‘What impact has remote working/working from home had on the governance of projects and programmes and how have you dealt with it?’

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