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  • December 4, 2017
  • Gareth Morris

Next JavaScript North West Meetup – Tue 25th April: Securing Your BBC Identity – Node.js Server Security!


Application security is often an afterthought for developers, as we concentrate on the next shiny new feature for our projects. In this talk, we’ll highlight the importance of application security and explore some simple and practical ways that we as developers can defend our services from intrusion. 

We’ll look at how my team at the BBC approached security concerns when creating the new BBC ID applications, and dive into some code examples to explore the best practices for Node.js server security. 


Marc Littlemore is a Principal Software Engineer, TDD evangelist and application security champion at the BBC. 

His current projects use Node.js and React but he is also an old-school games developer (and gamer) with over 19 years of C/C++ experience under his belt. He loves exploring new technologies and, much to his own surprise, has quickly become a JavaScript convert.

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As usual beer and pizza will be provided by Evolution  !

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