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  • March 4, 2019
  • Gareth Morris

IT Security Trends 2019


It’s only April and we’re already seeing the top IT security trends that will shape the industry and job market in 2019. If you’re eager to stay one step ahead of the game and improve your IT security career prospects, here are the key trends to keep an eye on.

Artificial intelligence

AI technology and uses are developing at an impressive rate, and this is particularly exciting for the IT security industry. Pitched as the best opportunity we have to keep on top of the number and range of threats out there, we can expect some big AI solution announcements in the coming year. The not-so-good news is the fact that cybercriminals have access to AI technology too. IT security engineers will be tasked with using AI for good, while protecting businesses from AI gone bad.

The next generation of passwords

We all know that passwords are a weak form of protection, and 2019 will be the year to overcome this. Apple has brought biometrics to the mainstream, and we’ll see this implemented into other devices and services this year – particularly in the financial industry. Mastercard has already announced biometric identification for all customers this year.

Multifactor authentication will also be increasingly adopted, requiring a two-step verification process to access personal information and accounts. IT security professionals will be needed to develop and scale this technology, while also anticipating and protecting against the inevitable response from cybercriminals.

Crypto crime

Ransomware attacks are becoming less frequent, but more sophisticated, focused and targeted. Other attacks, such as crypto jacking, are becoming more popular thanks to the anonymity and complexity of the dark web. In the beginning half of 2018, $1.1 billion was stolen – IT security candidates are well advised to keep on top of their knowledge to help tackle this crime and enhance their IT security careers.


As the carefree adoption of new technology increases, so does the number of security vulnerabilities. The growing use of IoT devices by homes and businesses is of particular concern, with low levels of security and high amounts of personal data. The increased popularity of remote work, while a great benefit for IT job seekers, is also a huge security vulnerability for businesses. And, the luxury of keyless cars is being accompanied by growing keyless car theft. We’re seeing a growing demand for IT security professionals to work on improving this technology and combatting the associated weaknesses.


Those eager to take their IT security career to a large enterprise will be pleased about this trend. The industry is seeing a number of mergers and acquisitions, decreasing the number of solution providers and increasing the full-solution packages that bigger companies offer. So far, we’ve seen BlackBerry buy Cylance, AT&T purchase AlienVault and Spunk acquire Phantom Cyber – and we expect more this year.

Women in IT security

Women are becoming more popular in IT. Bringing different perspectives, new thinking and business performance, 2019 is seeing great improvements in gender equality and diversity. Read our ‘Let’s hear IT for the girls’ blog to find out more about this particular trend.

IT security jobs

Our favourite trend for 2019 is the increase in IT security jobs and positions in the UK. Businesses of all sizes are taking more action to increase their IT security. Small and medium-sized businesses are realising that cybercrime affects businesses of any size, and larger businesses are realising the profit and reputation-damaging effects a high-profile breach can cause.


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Together, these trends are creating a surge in UK IT security jobs, all searching for the best IT skills and talent. If you’re considering a job move, 2019 could be your year. Speak to one of our specialist IT security recruitment consultants today to kickstart your next move.

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