How Online Events Can Help You Attract Talent

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Keeping up with the latest trends is an inseparable part of working in the tech sector. Particularly in the post pandemic era which has brought changes to the way we work. Job seeking habits have changed too. Nowadays, candidates pay more attention to companies they admire and seek evidence of great company culture before they even consider applying. In search for new and innovative ways to reach and attract new talent, businesses have turned to online events. This strategy has proven to be effective and many organisations have embraced it as they seek to take advantage of the benefits that online events can offer.

Benefits to Hosting Online Events

By hosting a virtual recruiting event, you can reach a larger and more diverse pool of talent, from across the country or even the world. This can help you tap into new talent markets and find the best candidates for your open positions. Here are some of the benefits:

Types of Events to Attract Talent

The decision about format should be made based on your goals and your audience. Here are examples of online events you can host:


  • Webinars – Hosting a professional development event can attract talent by demonstrating a commitment to their growth and professional advancement. At the same time, you can educate the attendees on your company and move passive candidates to active opportunities.
  • Panel discussions – By offering valuable insights, information, and perspectives on key issues, companies can demonstrate their expertise and build their brand as a go-to source for information and solutions.
  • Virtual career fairs – Virtual career fairs offer a unique opportunity to connect with tech talent while allowing them to explore job openings. Virtual career fairs are a great way to showcase your company culture, values, and mission, as well as provide job seekers with a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your organisation. This can help attendees to decide whether they are the right fit for the industry or organisation and reduce the number of low quality applications.

How We’ve Done It

At Evolution, we frequently run and manage online events as a value-added service for clients we work with. Online events allow our clients to communicate their chosen message to the audience. For instance, “What NHS Hiring Managers Want From Their Tech Contractors” served as an educational webinar for talent in the UK interested in tech roles within the NHS. The goal of the webinar was to encourage candidates who don’t possess all the technical skills to apply and to send out a message that hiring managers will consider candidates who don’t tick all the technical boxes in favour of important soft skills such as great communication.

From webinars and panel discussions to virtual career fairs, there are various options available to showcase your brand, tap into new talent markets, and reach passive candidates. With the benefits of global reach, cost-effectiveness and flexibility, online events can help you find the best candidates and drive growth for your company.

As experts in the tech recruitment field, we can utilise our extensive network of professionals and help you attract top talent using online events and other proven methods. Contact our team to discuss how our services can help you.

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