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  • February 25, 2021
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Host or sponsor a meetup with Evolution!


So you want to host or sponsor a meetup with us?

With 100% sell-outs every time and 89% attendance, why wouldn't you?

Perhaps you have a few questions first – we've answered some of our most FAQ below for you so you know what to expect…feel free to contact us directly should you require any further information.

What are my options for sponsorship? What’s involved?

There are a few packages we can tailor for you. These are generally dependant on what your desired level of involvement is. 

Most companies prefer to host the event themselves at their offices, others may prefer to sponsor food and drink for the night. Where applicable, there’s also the option to sponsor a prize for the evening. 

These three options can be mixed and matched, depending on each event – we try to be as flexible as possible according to your desired outcome.

Unfortunately, if you don’t want to host the event, the hosting company will have priority in the choice of options and whether another company can additionally partner on the same Meet Up. 

For all sponsorship packages your company will get branding across social media, websites and email marketing.

What do I need to do before we can partner on a Meet Up with Evo?

Before publicly announcing the partnership and adding your brand to any advertising, Evolution will need to send the consultant responsible for the Meet Up in to evaluate the space and ensure it is suitable for hosting the Meet Up. 

At the same time, the Evolution consultant/s will sit down with you to give you a brief and establish what you would like to get out of the Meet Up. It’s very important for us to know where your pain points are, and design the Meet Up to help address this. Additional to this, Evo will run you through our services, our T&C’s and establish the best approach for a long term partnership.

How much will it cost me?

The Meet Up costing is generally quite affordable – across all packages that require expenditure, the typical spend is under $600 (e.g. Food & Drinks costing $500 for the night, or prize valued at $500/$250 split between two businesses). 

Anyone you directly approach and hire consequently from the Meet Up, will not incur a fee unless Evolution have directly sent them across to you and engaged them on a live role you’re recruiting for. Evolution understand that as it’s a networking event you will build your own connections that may lead to a direct hire, but it’s also an opportunity for Evolution to do just the same and take initiative to connect with the right people.

What’s in it for me?

In short, an awesome branding opportunity and experience for your company to attract potential top talent, business partners and greater market awareness! As you’ve probably experienced the tech market is exceptionally candidate short – holding Meet Up’s in your HQ not only draws greater attention to you and your company but also allows you to educate the marketplace in the cool things you’re doing internally to differentiate yourselves.

Alongside this, Evolution will tailor-make a solution alongside our partnered Meet Up, for your immediate hiring pain points to counteract those accordingly.

Meet Ups are a great tool for hiring in-demand or hard to find talent (which happens to be our speciality!) We’ve often placed people into new roles off the back of our partnered Meet Ups, since candidates get a better insight into the company culture and meet more people from the team – after all, who doesn’t love a social tech company!?

What does Evo get out of it?

Well, we get you of course!

Our core focus is to continue to help companies (big or small) that are struggling with a lack of quality from existing providers, or just in general with quality candidates that are thoroughly engaged in your brand. 

Of course we’d love to make some placements with you, but that’s on us to do the work! Other than that, we too can continue to build our networks, and allow our consultants to continue to be working from within their markets rather than standing on the side lines.

Ok, I’m in and want to host an event! What do you need from me?

Firstly, let’s book a meeting to come in and get a feel for the space and put together some objectives.

Then all we will need as a point of contact for all the planning and logistics (like food delivery timings, lift passes etc.) and some high res logos with a blurb on what you’d like mentioned alongside your brand. 

Contact us today.