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  • August 6, 2018
  • Gareth Morris

From Sales to Recruitment: A Success Story


Hi, I’m Isaac and I’m a .NET Recruitment Consultant at Evolution, mainly recruiting .NET Developers as part of the North West team here. I’ve worked here since February 2018. So far, I’m really enjoying the role, the working environment and the company culture.

My career so far

Prior to joining Evolution, I worked for BT within a B2B sales role, where I was consistently within the top tier of performers during my 18 months or so there. My duties included handling inbound sales and complaints calls from existing and new customers, managing any issues they had. This would then turn the call into sales, and I would sell the portfolio of BT’s products, included telephone lines, broadbands, Cloud products, mobiles and additional extras, such as security. Before this B2B role, I worked in a similar role for 6 months, but for BT residential, selling products from a residential portfolio.

Before this, I was a professional poker player for around three years. I was sponsored by a team of individuals who paid for my play, and I travelled up and down the country, but playing online mostly against other opponents in large tournaments.

How I came into contact with Evolution

I was fed up at BT with the lack of progression and the cap on potential earnings, so I approached the internal recruitment team at Evolution on LinkedIn. I had a chat with one of the internal recruiters, and I was invited in for the interview process. Firstly, I came in for a chat with Dom, one of our divisional directors; secondly, I did I presentation in front of Dom and Andy Brack, the Permanent Recruitment Director; and finally, I came in for a chat with Gareth, the CEO. This secured my wanting to come to Evolution, as I was unsure up until this point because I had been on track for a £50k – 60k year with BT. However, I realised that I would have to take one step back to take two forward.

Why I decided Evolution was right for me
It was a combination of things, really. It seemed like a great environment to work in; whenever I came in for my interviews, the open-plan office was buzzing and busy, and I was introduced to lots of different people who were all equally enthusiastic and passionate about Evolution. The no cap on commission, strong commission structure and defined career progression were all contributing factors too, as well as the award-winning training department (which was attractive to me because I didn’t have a good knowledge of .NET before I worked here!)

I was also shown the breakout area with the pool table, PS4 and table tennis facilities, and told about the monthly, annual and quarterly incentives, such as trips to Vancouver next year. It’s all really exciting and gives you something amazing to aim for, on top of your commission.

What my role involves

I am a Recruitment Consultant for team North West – excluding Manchester – for .NET Developers. I work under Jack as my Team Leader and Amy Hallworth my colleague, but part of the overall team North which is headed by Dom Smith. My role involves sourcing candidates, calling candidates to screen them for .NET jobs, arranging interviews between candidates and clients, and making sure both the candidate and client are happy with their decisions when an offer is made.

How I found the transition from sales to recruitment

There’s a lot of similarities between the roles, but recruitment is a tough gig. It takes a lot of discipline, but I have received the right support from my team and the company, as well as the recognition upon success.

I know that I made the right move though, and I am starting to see the benefits. Within 5 months of starting, I have billed over £40,000 in placements!

My career plans for the future

I envision a long career here; some day I’d like to be a divisional director. Evolution put a plan in place for your progression and help you achieve it, so if you work hard enough, you are rewarded both financially and with significant career progression. I am very excited about coming into work each day still, and look forward to my future prospects here.


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