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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

First the Army, then Sales – now Recruitment


Hi! I’m Scott, and I’m a Recruitment Consultant here at Evolution Recruitment Solutions. I started working here just over six months ago; it was my first role in recruitment, and I’ve already been promoted three times! If you’re considering a new job in the recruitment industry, keep reading to find out what my experience has been like so far.


My career prior to joining Evolution was quite different in a number of ways! I joined the frontline of the British Army when I was 18 for four years, and this involved me doing a tour of Afghanistan, as well as going to Kenya and various other places. (I’m not the only one at Evolution who was previously in the army.) After I left the army, I went to work in a sales role for Tesco Mobile, where I worked my way up from an Advisor role to a Sales Manager position. However, even though I enjoyed my job, I didn’t feel as though I had realised my potential career-wise at this point.

My interviews and job offer process

I first came into contact with Evolution via a member of the internal recruitment team here, who messaged me on LinkedIn about the role. I had been to other recruitment interviews before, but after speaking to a member of the Evolution internal recruitment team on the phone, a few things stood out to me about Evolution. For example, the honesty about the role from the get go, and the fact that the CEO sits in the same room and has an active role in the business alongside everyone else. Gareth shows a real interest in the company and plays a huge part in Evolution day-to-day, which was a big persuader for me as it showed the close-knit feel the company has.

Following this initial telephone call, I was then invited for a face-to-face interview with James, who is now my manager, and Jack Buckle, another member of the team. The first interview went really well, and I was then invited back to do a presentation in front of James, Jack and Dom Smith, the Divisional Director, which went really well. It wasn’t long before I was offered the job, and I decided to take a leap of faith into an industry I had no experience in, which is definitely paying off so far!

I decided to work here for a few reasons. As I touched on earlier, the family feel of the business, with having Gareth and the other founders of Evolution still actively involved, and the honesty about the company overall. But also, it was the career potential here that caught my eye – the realistic money earning and the clear structure for progression. The training department at Evolution is award-winning, and it shows in the number of promotions and careers you see being built and developed here.

The sky is the limit

The change from sales to recruitment was a risk, as I didn’t know what the role would be like until I was doing it – but it’s definitely been worth it. I didn’t understand how much sales would be involved in the role, which is what I am good at, but as long as you have the determination and will to succeed, I believe the transition is what you make of it.

My role has progressed a lot in the short space of time that I’ve been here! I started working at Evolution in early September 2018, so in less than seven months I’ve earned three promotions, which is definitely keeping me motivated to develop my career even further here.

I see my future going well – I am a very driven and ambitious individual, so I see myself going all the way to the top. If you don’t have that mindset, I believe that you settle for less, and I always set myself high targets because if for any reason I don’t reach them, I have still gone far.


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Evolution’s purpose as a company is to be “committed to helping people and organisations realise their potential”, which applies to all employees, clients and candidates. If you’re interested in coming to work here, get in touch with our internal recruitment team to have a chat about the latest recruitment jobs in Warrington.

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