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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Evolution dress down for life-saving AED


On the last Friday of each month Evolution employees have the option to ‘dress down’ in casual clothes. For this we make a donation (suggested £5) that is donated to a local charity an employee has put forward. The amount we raise is matched by Evolution to be donated to our charity of the year (for 2017 it is St. Rocco’s Hospice).

This March 31st the charity we are raising money for is ourselves! Or rather, the health and wellbeing of everyone in the building we work in. The money we raise will go towards providing the building with a defibrillator. As the AED would benefit everyone in the building (planning to keep in reception) we thought we would encourage the rest of the companies based here to get involved with the fundraising. We have had some donation promises already from a number of the companies.

This money will be doubly beneficial as we will be buying the device from the locally based charity Hand on Heart who work to provide as many schools as possible with the life-saving machine.

A comment from the charity:

“We are extremely happy to have the support from Evolution Recruitment Solutions Ltd and the companies within the Genesis Business Park and we wish them success for their defibrillator fundraising day.   A sudden cardiac arrest can effect anyone of any age at any time, having a defibrillator in reach of businesses within the park may make the difference between life and death.  Our sincere thanks to Evolution Recruitment Solutions Ltd for their efforts and we look forward to making the park heart safe in the coming weeks”

Their website goes into more detail about their work.

This whole process all started when I attended a ‘First Aid in the Workplace’ course with the Red Cross. One of the things we were taught and practised was how to use a defibrillator. When coming back to work and wanting to know where the nearest device was I discovered the building didn’t own an AED.

After so recently having heard all about the impressive statistics of survival with an AED compared to nothing/CPR alone I knew that I needed to make it my mission to give all the people I work with this increased chance of survival if they should suffer a sudden cardiac arrest.

Our initial fundraiser on the 31st will hopefully provide us with a big chunk of the funds needed and we will continue to host events until we are successful in raising the entire amount.

There are 37 companies currently working in the building and therefore hundreds of lives we can potentially save!

If you are looking to donate we have a JustGiving page set up here: http://www.justgiving.com/EvolutionFundraising

Contact us today.