Evo USA #17 – Women In Tech: The Path Less Travelled

Meet the speakers

Xi Palazzolo

Technical Co-Founder At Sunrise Al

Jordan Hagan

VP - Data Science At Orderly Health

Michelle Yi

Board Member At Women In Data

Sara Mazer

Federal CTO At LaunchDarkly

Today's host

Donnie Maclary

Join Donnie Maclary as he hosts Evo USA #17 – Women In Tech. In this episode, we dive into the world of technology with insightful guests. Xi Palazzolo, Technical Co-Founder of Sunrise Al, brings her expertise to the table. Jordan Hagan, VP of Data Science at Orderly Health, shares valuable insights from his role. Michelle Yi, Board Member of Women In Data, offers her unique perspective. Lastly, we have Sara Mazer, Federal CTO of LaunchDarkly, sharing her experiences and knowledge. Tune in for a captivating conversation with these accomplished professionals.

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