Evo UK #98 – Navigating Team Dynamics In Development Projects

Meet the speakers

Jacob Polden

Principal Consultant & People Lead At Zuhlke

lan Finch

CEO At Mando Agency

Richard Jacobs

Executive Director, Technology Lead - thinkFolio At S&P Global

Today's host

Scott Hutchinson

In this episode of Evo UK, Scott Hutchinson hosts a discussion on navigating team dynamics in development projects. Joined by Jacob Polden, Principal Consultant & People Lead at Zuhlke, Ian Finch, CEO of Mando Agency, and Richard Jacobs, Executive Director, Technology Lead at thinkFolio – S&P Global, they delve into strategies for fostering effective collaboration, managing diverse teams, and leveraging technology for project success. Tune in to gain insights into optimizing team performance and driving innovation in your organization.

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