Evo UK #89 – Mastering Continuous Improvement Through Agile Development

Meet the speakers

Lisa Freeman

Co-Founder At 18a Productions

Dwayne Pascal

CTO At Reveall

Gary Clark

CTO AT SchoolGrid

Evangelos Pappas

Head of Engineering

Today's host

Rachel Connolly

Join host Rachel Connolly in an insightful conversation on mastering continuous improvement through agile development. In this episode, Rachel is joined by industry experts, including Lisa Freeman, Co-Founder of 18a Productions, Dwayne Pascal, CTO of Reveall, Gary Clark, CTO of SchoolGrid, and Evangelos Pappas, Head of Engineering. Explore innovative strategies for agile software development, uncovering the secrets behind enhancing productivity and optimizing business processes. Dive deep into the world of technology leadership and team collaboration. Tune in to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of software engineering and business innovation.

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