Evo UK #80 – Remote vs Hybrid

Meet the speakers

Brian Harkin

CTO At DigitalXform

Craig Rouse

Manager Mobile Software Development At Tealium

Ali Salaman

Head of Engineering At Caution Your Blast

Paul Tilley

CTO At Compass

Today's host

Flavio Arragoni

Join host Flavio Arragoni in episode 80 of Evo UK as he discusses the Remote vs Hybrid work models. Flavio is joined by a panel of industry experts including Brian Harkin, CTO at DigitalXform; Craig Rouse, Manager Mobile Software Development at Tealium; Ali Salaman, Head of Engineering at Caution Your Blast; and Paul Tilley, CTO at Compass. They explore the evolving landscape of work arrangements, sharing valuable insights and experiences. Discover the pros and cons of each model and gain a deeper understanding of the future of work in this dynamic discussion.

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