Evo UK #63 – The Journey from Engineer into Leadership

Meet the speakers

Connor Goddard

Engineering Lead At Gardin Agritech

Tom Foster

Lead Engineer At Made Tech

David North

Head of Software Engineering At CoreFiling

Hugo Marques

Technical Lead At This is Language

Today's host

Luke Vickers

Join host Luke Vickers in Evo UK #63 as he explores the journey from engineer to leadership. In this episode, Luke sits down with an esteemed panel of guests who have successfully transitioned into leadership roles. Connor Goddard, Engineering Lead at Gardin Agritech, Tom Foster, Lead Engineer at Made Tech, David North, Head of Software Engineering at CoreFiling, and Hugo Marques, Technical Lead at This is Language, share their insights, experiences, and valuable advice. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration for your own career growth and leadership aspirations.

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