Evo Nordics #517 – The Importance Of A Data-Driven Culture

Meet the speakers

Claudia Chitu

Product Analytics Manager At Acast

Wahidul Islam

Consumer Analytics Manager At Electrolux

Sunil Rao Sarode

Head of Customer Analytics At Axo Finans

Today's host

Waheed Najimi

Join host Waheed Najimi in exploring the importance of fostering a data-driven culture in today’s businesses. In this episode, Claudia Chitu, Product Analytics Manager at Acast, Wahidul Islam, Consumer Analytics Manager at Electrolux, and Sunil Rao Sarode, Head of Customer Analytics at Axo Finans, share insights into leveraging data to drive strategic decision-making, optimize products and services, and enhance customer experiences. Tune in for expert advice on building and sustaining a data-centric approach for organizational success.

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