Evo Nordics #504 – Future Of E-Commerce

Meet the speakers

Alexander Fugah

CEO At Shoplab

Oscar Ericsson

Head of Tech/CTO At Afound

Mehdi Mohseni

Technical Lead At Polestar

Christian Englén

Agile Product Owner At Ahlsell Group

Today's host

Georgia Benton

In this episode, Georgia Benton hosts a discussion on the future of e-commerce with industry leaders. Joining the conversation are Alexander Fugah, CEO of Shoplab; Oscar Ericsson, Head of Tech/CTO at Afound; Mehdi Mohseni, Technical Lead at Polestar; and Christian Englén, Agile Product Owner at Ahlsell Group. Explore insights into retail innovation, digital retail strategies, and emerging trends shaping the Nordic e-commerce landscape. Tune in for an in-depth exploration of where e-commerce is headed and how businesses can adapt to thrive in the evolving digital marketplace.

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