Evo Nordics #485 – Effective Management In Data Science

Meet the speakers

Francesca Valentini

Director Data CoE At Stora Enso

Adina Manisor

Head of Product & Data At Electrolux

Isak Kabir

Data Science Manager At Accenture

Antonio Neto

Head of Product & Data At Qapital

Today's host

Waheed Najimi

Join host Waheed Najimi in a dynamic conversation about effective management in data science with industry leaders. Francesca Valentini, Director Data CoE at Stora Enso, Adina Manisor, Head of Product & Data at Electrolux, Isak Kabir, Data Science Manager at Accenture, and Antonio Neto, Head of Product & Data at Qapital, share insights on data-driven decision-making, team leadership in data science, and best practices in managing data science workflows. Tune in for expert perspectives on optimizing data science management for success.

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