Evo Nordics #431 – Empowering Tech Teams – Unlocking Potential

Meet the speakers

Geetika Arora

Engineering Manager At Spotify

Nivedita Harakamani

Senior Product Manager At Volvo Cars

Jörgen Andersson

CTOaaS At Devies

Today's host

Gemma Thomason

In this episode of Evo Nordics, host Gemma Thomason engages in a dynamic discussion on empowering tech teams and unlocking their full potential. Joining the conversation are industry experts Geetika Arora, Engineering Manager at Spotify, Nivedita Harakamani, Senior Product Manager at Volvo Cars, and Jörgen Andersson, CTOaaS at Devies. Discover insights into effective team leadership, innovative technologies, and strategies for harnessing the power of collaborative efforts. Tune in to explore the transformative journey of tech professionals, guided by the expertise of our esteemed guests from Spotify, Volvo Cars, and Devies.

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