Evo Nordics #430 – Tech and Mental Health

Meet the speakers

Mergim Rama

Engineering Manager At IKEA

Lukas Zaruba

Engineering Manager At Klarna

Mohammed Bakri

Senior Engineering Manager At Warner Bros. Discovery

Prabhu Dorairaj

Engineering Manager At Flightradar24

Today's host

Abi Stokes

Join host Abi Stokes in this episode of Evo Nordics, where experts in the field discuss the intersection of technology and mental health. Our esteemed guests include Mergim Rama, Engineering Manager at IKEA; Lukas Zaruba, Engineering Manager at Klarna; Mohammed Bakri, Senior Engineering Manager at Warner Bros. Discovery; and Prabhu Dorairaj, Engineering Manager at Flightradar24. Dive deep into the tech industry’s role in mental health awareness and discover innovative solutions. Stay tuned for insightful conversations and expert perspectives on this crucial topic.

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