Evo Nordics #419 – Kotlin Multi Platform Discussion

Meet the speakers

Jackson F. de A. Mafra

Lead Developer At Umain

Cas van Luijtelaar

Lead Developer At Umain

Thiago "Fred" PorciOncula

Lead Developer At Climate Labs

Today's host

Chris Asbridge

Join host Chris Asbridge in this episode of Evo Nordics as he engages in a comprehensive discussion about Kotlin Multi Platform. Delve into the world of cross-platform development with our esteemed guests: Jackson F. de A. Mafra, Lead Developer at Umain, Cas van Luijtelaar, Lead Developer at Umain, and Thiago “Fred” PorciOncula, Lead Developer at Climate Labs. Explore the innovative approach to software development that Kotlin Multi Platform offers, allowing developers to create versatile solutions across various platforms. Discover how these leading developers utilize this technology to enhance their projects and streamline development processes.

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