Evo Nordics #413 – Culture is Key: Secrets of Great Workplaces

Meet the speakers

Justina Valentukevice

Engineering Manager - Telia

Mats Thulin

Director of Core Technologies - Axis Communications

Florian Marcard

Vice President Engineering & Head of Bosch R&D Centre Lund

Dennie Karlsson

Group CISO - Dustin Group

Today's host

Abi Stokes

Join our host Abi Stokes as she delves into the secrets of building great workplaces with esteemed guests from various industries. Justina Valentukevice, Engineering Manager at Telia; Mats Thulin, Director of Core Technologies at Axis Communications; Florian Marcard, Vice President Engineering & Head of Bosch R&D Centre Lund; and Dennie Karlsson, Group CISO at Dustin Group, share their insights on the significance of culture in fostering productive environments. Discover actionable strategies for cultivating a thriving work culture and enhancing overall organisational performance.

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