Evo NHS #93 – Digital Access And Inequalities

Meet the speakers

Linda Vernon

Head of Digital Empowerment -  Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB

Samuel Taylor

ICS PCN Delivery Lead - Community Health Partnerships

Dan Gibbs

System Performance Director - Hampshire & IOW ICS

Today's host

Rose Sullivan

In this episode of Evo NHS, host Rose Sullivan delves into the topic of digital access and inequalities in healthcare. Joining her are esteemed guests Linda Vernon, Head of Digital Empowerment at Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB; Samuel Taylor, ICS PCN Delivery Lead at Community Health Partnerships; and Dan Gibbs, System Performance Director at Hampshire & IOW ICS. Together, they explore the challenges and opportunities presented by digital advancements in healthcare, shedding light on the importance of bridging the access gap for better patient outcomes. Tune in for a compelling discussion on the future of healthcare technology and its impact on society.


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