Evo Gaming #142- AI’s Impact on Future Gaming

Meet the speakers

Ben Mattes

SVP for Angry Birds brand strategy At Rovio

Mike Neergaard

Head of Research At Dephion

Heikki-Pekka Noronen

Game Director and Lead Programmer At Action Squad Studios

Richard Rydell

Chief Operating Officer At SOLIDICON

Today's host

Harry Phokou

Join host Harry Phokou in the latest episode of Evo Gaming as he explores the profound impact of AI on the future of gaming. In this episode, we have a lineup of industry experts sharing their insights. Ben Mattes, the SVP for Angry Birds brand strategy at Rovio, offers his perspective on leveraging AI in game development. Mike Neergaard, Head of Research at Dephion, dives into the latest advancements in AI technology. Heikki-Pekka Noronen, Game Director and Lead Programmer at Action Squad Studios, discusses the implementation of AI in gameplay. Finally, Richard Rydell, Chief Operating Officer of SOLIDICON, shares his thoughts on the business implications of AI in the gaming industry. Don’t miss this engaging discussion on the intersection of AI and gaming!

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