Evo Gaming #224 – Creating Success Through Effective Feedback

Meet the speakers

Nino Protic

Head of Studio At Innogames

Maria Maunula

Producer At Supercell

Bhavya Omkarappa

Technical Development Manager At Metacore Games

Tanja Turunen

COO & Co-Founder At pnkfrg

Today's host

Sol Bate

Join host Sol Bate as he delves into the role of feedback in creating success within the gaming industry. Featuring insights from Nino Protic, Head of Studio at Innogames, Maria Maunula, Producer at Supercell, Bhavya Omkarappa, Technical Development Manager at Metacore Games, and Tanja Turunen, COO & Co-Founder of pnkfrg. Discover how effective feedback drives innovation and success in game development, enhancing team collaboration and project outcomes in leading gaming companies.

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