Evo Gaming #221 – Building And Structuring Developer Dream Teams

Meet the speakers

Julio Valdivielso

Senior Engineering Manager At King

Deniz Okcu

Technical Product Lead At InnoGames

Minwoo Lee

Studio Head / GM At Pixel United

Pasquale Franzese

Technical Director At Fast Travel Games

Today's host

Heather Nicholls

In this episode, host Heather Nicholls explores the intricacies of building and structuring successful developer teams in the gaming industry. She is joined by Julio Valdivielso, Senior Engineering Manager at King; Deniz Okcu, Technical Product Lead at InnoGames; Minwoo Lee, Studio Head / GM at Pixel United; and Pasquale Franzese, Technical Director at Fast Travel Games. They share insights on team dynamics, leadership strategies, and fostering innovation in game development to create top-performing teams.

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