Evo Gaming #220 – Creating A Healthy Culture In A Gaming Studio

Meet the speakers

Pavel Osminin

Game and Art Director At Slipgate Ironworks

Nadia Karroue

Art Director At Soba

Tim Karsten

Producer At Yager

Today's host

Adam Miller-Bettridge

Join Adam Miller-Bettridge as he delves into the intricacies of cultivating a thriving work environment within gaming studios. In this episode, Adam hosts Pavel Osminin, Game and Art Director at Slipgate Ironworks; Nadia Karroue, Art Director at Soba; and Tim Karsten, Producer at Yager. They discuss strategies for fostering a healthy culture in the gaming industry, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, creativity, and effective leadership. Tune in to gain insights into building a successful gaming studio.

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